HBCU Attendance May Be Beneficial to Black Health: Kirwan Post-Doctoral Researcher Co-Authors Study | Ohio State News

Dr. Kierra Barnett, Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Kirwan Institute, recently co-authored a study exploring the impact of HBCU attendance on the health of African Americans (following graduation).

Led by Dr. Cynthia Colen, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Ohio State University, the study shows that African Americans who attend Historically Black Colleges or Universities (HBCU’s) could potentially have a lower risk for future health issues, when compared to African Americans who attended predominately white institutions.

“Our findings suggest that HBCUs are likely to be health protective for the segment of society who needs it most – those growing up in the most racially isolated environments,” the researchers noted. “Moreover, this finding underscores the important role that place, in general, and segregation, specifically, plays in the unequal distribution of health.” - Dr. Cynthia Colen

Earlier this week, Ohio State News published a story highlighting the research and its findings. To learn more or read the complete article, click here.


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