Mikyung Baek

Mikyung Baek portrait

Senior Research Associate

Mikyung manages and conducts quantitative and geospatial analyses of racial/ethnic inequity in various domains and geographic areas that the Institute’s research touches upon. Her research focuses on understanding how racial/ethnic stratification shapes children’s opportunity structure and their health and educational trajectories and the work of structural racism in U.S. social policies in the process. Her more recent research expands the focus of population to youth and older adults to investigate age-specific resources and vulnerabilities for one’s health and wellbeing. For investigating the intersections of race, place, health, and education, she utilizes data equity framework, quantitative and spatial analysis methods, and GIS.  She has been with the Institute since 2005 and thinks the best part of working at Kirwan is being part a team of excellence, resilience, and empathy in conducting interdisciplinary and policy-oriented research that goes beyond closed doors to make transformative changes. Mikyung received her BA in Computer Science and Statistics from Pusan National University, South Korea, her MA in Foreign and Second Language Education and her PhD in Educational Technology, both from The Ohio State University.