The Race and Cognition team at the Kirwan Institute would like to give thanks to all of those involved in the process of creating and launching the Online Implicit Bias training. Countless hours have been dedicated to the creation of the modules and we do not take that for granted. There are several people we would like to show an additional level of gratitude to:


  • Kelly Capatosto
  • Lena Tenney
  • Joshua Bates
  • Kyle Strickland
  • Robin Wright
  • Cheryl Staats
  • Preshuslee Thompson
  • Ashley Wilson
  • Jason Duffield
  • Kip Holley
  • Rachel Besse
  • Karima Samadi
  • Amy Malcolm
  • Jillian Olinger
  • Glennon Sweeney
  • Leigha Grosh
  • Jocelyn Smallwood


  • The Schott Foundation for Public Education
  • Mills James Production
  • Sharon Davies
  • Kathy Lechman
  • Art James
  • Christy Rogers
  • Jason Reece
  • Tara McCoy
  • Jamaal Bell
  • Donnie Perkins
  • La’Tonia Stiner-Jones
  • Zach Kenitzer
  • Sheeba George
  • Alicea Kouyate
  • Mary McKay

Special thanks to the entire staff at The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity—thank you so much for your dedication to this work and your everyday efforts to make the world a more just and inclusive society. We appreciate you!