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Black Girls in Franklin County, Ohio: Progress, Power and Possibility

Black Girls in Franklin County, Ohio: Progress, Power and Possibility
2011Opportunity Communities

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In an era when race and gender are at the forefront of American discourse, less attention is focused on these intersections as they pertain to youth. African-American girls, in particular, are often overlooked in these conversations. Little is known about the lives of African-American girls as evidenced by the lack of scholarship devoted to this population. This project represents an attempt to better understand the multitude of factors that operate on Black girls as they navigate through adolescence and transition into adulthood. Our focus is on African-American/Black girls, ages 12-19, in Franklin County, Ohio. While we attempt to be comprehensive, we recognize this report largely discusses a specific segment of the Black girl population. Due to constraints and challenges, our data and analysis do not focus on Black girls living in primarily White middle/upper income neighborhoods. This is not to say that population should not be studied; rather, there are a number of significant challenges in doing so that we were unable to address in this project. While this report is intended to address the challenges that Black girls face, we also aim to highlight the successes of Black girls and the structures that support them.