The Institute has become increasing mindful of how implicit racial biases shape not only individuals’ cognition and attitudes, but also behaviors. Examining implicit bias research is important for all who work for racial justice. The Institute’s most visible, impactful and influencial contribution to the field of implicit bias in 2013 was the publication of its State of the Science:  Implicit Bias Review.
The Kirwan Institute has been actively involved in the Fisher v. University of Texas litigation. We have been involved nationally in strategizing efforts aiming to secure pathways into college for youth of color.
Since 2010, the Kirwan Institute has provided technical assistance to HUD in building capacity for equity in sustainable communities planning activities. In partnership with PolicyLink, and PERE at USC and with HUD’s support, the Kirwan Institute has acted as a technical assistance (TA) provider to assist in building capacity for equity for SCI grantees across the country. We’ve provided guidance to communities on opportunity mapping, civic engagement, and interpreting Fair Housing and Equity Assessments.
In March of 2013, Jim Baggett, the head archivist of the Birmingham Public Library, contacted Sharon Davies, Executive Director of the Kirwan Institute, about the idea to have an international day of remembrance of MLK’s famous “Letter from Birmingham Jail,”  50 years after its drafting. Its April 16 anniversary was approaching fast.  The idea was to have the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” read by community leaders in cities around the globe on the anniversary.  She agreed to organize an effort here in Columbus.