South Side Columbus: ‘Third Places’ Activity Book & Guide


The Kirwan Institute has engaged with over 400 South Side residents concerning their views on the South Side and we have learned that resources for child development and access to resources for personal and community economic development are important factors for securing an equitable South Side. Fortunately, the same third places that can provide powerful opportunities for the development of bridging social capital can also provide the same opportunities for these other factors.

This guide is designed to help South Side community members, community advocates, and those interested in serving the community enliven third places on the South Side by providing resources and ideas that can build on the existing assets of South Side third places. Drawing from extensive research into best practices and our deep engagement with South Side residents, we offer a number of activities, programs, and initiatives that can increase the potential of current community spaces. These suggestions can be instrumental in making these third places even more powerful places for building strong connections, supporting resilient children, and providing access to resources for all South Side residents.

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