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The segregation of African American public housing residents isolates them from the opportunity structures that are critical to quality of life, stability, and social advancement. The safe and stable neighborhoods, successful schools and employment opportunities available to Whites in the greater Baltimore region have been denied to African American public housing residents. To effectively remedy the segregation inflicted upon African American public housing recipients two objectives must be met: 1) the remedy must give African American public housing residents the opportunity to live in racially integrated areas in the Baltimore region and 2) the remedy must affirmatively connect African American public housing residents to high performing neighborhoods of opportunity in the Baltimore region.

I propose a “communities of opportunity” approach to guide the remedy. With this approach, using mapping technology I identify communities of opportunity in the Baltimore region. My analysis finds African Americans (and most subsidized housing) to be segregated from opportunity rich areas of the region. I recommend utilizing opportunity mapping to rectify this segregation and to guide this remedy. As described in this report, opportunity mapping analysis provides a powerful analytical framework to guide the expansion of affordable housing opportunities in the Baltimore region.