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Science is unequivocal, we need each other. Our lives are constellations of relationships: strong and weak; distant or close. We are our happiest selves when we are in relationships that foster mutuality and trust, and are in environments that support thriving. We know the structures and supports needed to facilitate the successful operation of both of these sets of relationships—with each other, and with systems.

For children to thrive, they need supportive and secure families; for families to thrive, they need supportive and secure neighborhoods. Our last three Champion of Children reports have laid the ground work; here we are bringing it all together with the singular focus of strengthening social fabric in our communities.

In this year’s report we are diving deeper to more fully explore the constellations of relationships that give rise to strong environments: what matters for these relationships? How can we nurture them? Do our neighborhoods support strong relationships? Do our institutions? Does authentic engagement exist?