Racial Wealth Inequality


Lead by Executive Director Darrick Hamilton, in 2019 Kirwan expanded its research to include a focus on racial wealth inequality, taking into consideration the systemic causes of the disparities in wealth we see between Black and White individuals. Wealth is more than luxury, it opens doors for generational opportunity and, at the bare minimum, increases ones chances for survival, especially when confronted with an emergency. The impact of the novel coronavirus has only highlighted the need for an increased focus on wealth equity, to include policy reform and government intervention. 

As part of this focus area, the Kirwan Institute is committed to collaborating on reports, convenings and projects that center on racial wealth disparities and identifying solutions to bridge the gaps. Darrick Hamilton, a stratification economist, is nationally-known for his development of the "Baby Bonds" solution, a program in which the government would create investment accounts for infants, giving babies born to poor families large seed grants and babies born to rich families small ones.

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