Kirwan Staff Awarded Ohio State Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award

Dr. Maurice Stevens, a Senior Faculty Research Advisor at The Kirwan Institute, has been awarded the 2016 Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award from The Ohio State University.

The Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Awards recognize individuals or groups who have demonstrated a significant commitment to enhancing diversity at Ohio State and to exceeding expectations in implementing the Diversity Action Plan.

Since 2002, Dr. Stevens has taken an active leadership role in the development and facilitation of several key diversity initiatives at the University, including The Diversity and Identity Collective at Ohio State (DISCO), the Second Year-Transformational Experience Program (STEP), and The University Senate Committee on Diversity. Their commitment to diversity also extends into the community, through their work at The Kirwan Institute and their scholarly research, which focuses on mind and brain injury in marginalized communities. The Kirwan Institute would like to extend congratulations to Dr. Stephens for their tremendous work and service to the University and local community.