Kirwan Engages Extensively with Kansas City Leaders and Residents on Implicit Bias

In partnership with the Urban League of Greater Kansas City, The Kirwan Institute facilitated implicit bias trainings for more than 700 people in the Kansas City, MO metropolitan area in late April.  In a series of eight events including workshops and presentations that spanned four days, Robin A. Wright, MPA and Maurice Stevens, Ph.D. challenged key institutional decision-makers to consider the ways in which their cognitive functioning and institutional practices may affect their realization of their egalitarian intentions. Session participants also were encouraged to identify ways to implement strategies for mitigating implicit biases both in their institutions and their own lives.

These events were sponsored and supported by the Kansas City Public Library, the Kauffman Foundation, the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Diversity Committee, Jackson County Court House Division 4, UMB Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, Hallmark, the REACH Healthcare Foundation, and NPR affiliate KCUR. Notably, these trainings represent a continuation of The Kirwan Institute collaborations with institutions in the greater Kansas City area. Senior Researcher David Norris’ health-focused work has explored emergency room utilization in Kansas City and Wyandotte Counties in conjunction with the REACH Foundation.