Studies consistently demonstrate that diversity in the health care workforce enriches the quality of health care, medical education, and research. Yet, while academic medicine has made progress in addressing overt discrimination, unconscious biases continue to impede the goal of making medical schools and teaching hospitals more diverse, according to a new publication. The new publication is based on the 2014 Diversity and Inclusion Innovation Forum that was convened by the AAMC and The Ohio State University Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity. During the forum, experts in unconscious bias research and academic medicine professionals who have developed unconscious bias interventions at their institutions discussed this ongoing challenge.

The conversations and best practices shared at this forum were collected and analyzed in Unconscious Bias in Academic Medicine: How the Prejudices We Don’t Know We Have Affect Medical Education, Medical Careers, and Patient Health. The publication is intended as a tool for understanding unconscious bias and how to initiate change based on that awareness.

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