Young people encouraged to undergo ‘seven-day racial bias cleanse’


MTV has launched a social justice campaign that aims to prompt young people to combat “hidden racial, gender and anti-LGBT bias” through a “seven-day racial bias cleanse.”

The cleanse call to action is one part of the “Look Different” campaign launched by MTV; another aspect is a controversial new white privilege documentary MTV is slated to air soon.

Look Different includes the “Bias Cleanse,” partly the brainchild of the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, which helped create the “seven-day racial bias cleanse that will provide you with daily tasks that will help you begin to de-bias yourself,” MTV’s website states.

MTV president Stephen Friedman addressed the goal of the show as well.

“Whiteness often remains unexamined in conversations about race in this country, even as it acts as the implicit norm against which other racial identities are judged,” he said. “By shining a spotlight on whiteness, we hope ‘White People’ will serve as a powerful conversation starter that encourages our audience to address racial bias through honest, judgment-free dialogue.”

The film is scheduled to premiere July 22 on MTV.