Four Easy Ways to Be a White Supremacist


Featured on Sojourners by Lisa Sharon Harper,

A 2014 REPORT from the Kirwan Institute identifies a few key things we can do to dismantle the craziness. Here are four:

1. Take the free Harvard Implicit Association Test online.

2. Grow your empathy. Seriously listen to the stories of people who are not white. Read what they write. Watch movies by them, about them.

3. Deepen relationships with people who are not white. The Kirwan report reveals that when folks build relationships with people they were biased against, their unconscious bias levels go down.

4. Take every thought captive. Focusing on a person’s unique traits, as opposed to their group affiliation, lowers implicit bias scores. When I’m talking with people who I’m tempted to write off as “just a [fill in the blank],” I look them in the eyes (if I can) and remember that the image of God lives inside them, and I sit in that truth.

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