Executive Director Sharon Davies Addresses the Danger of Implicit Racial Bias


On Monday, Sharon Davies, Executive Director of the Kirwan Institute, was a guest on WOSU Public Media’s All Sides with Ann Fisher, where she spoke on the dangers of Implicit Racial Bias and its role in the recent shootings in Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights and Dallas.

Joined by other national scholars and subject-matter experts, Dr. Davies, who also serves as the Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer at Ohio State, highlighted the significance of understanding implicit bias as it relates to the increasing incidents of excessive, and often times deadly, force used on behalf of law enforcement. Referencing America’s of history of race relations, Dr. Davies also notes the importance of unconscious bias in the minds of citizens, who may often misperceive and criminalize non-threatening behavior exhibited by people of color.

Click here to listen to the full podcast

The Kirwan Institute recognizes awareness and understanding as the first step to mitigating bias in the criminal justice field, as well as in healthcare, housing, education and employment. In the 2016 State of the Science Implicit Bias Review, now available for download, Kirwan researchers expand on current trends in the field of implicit bias, while providing specific and practical ways for challenging one’s unconscious beliefs. To learn more information about Implicit Bias and its impact in varying domains.