Dismal lead poisoning screening skews the scope of the problem: Toxic Neglect


Cleveland Plain Dealer
By Rachel Dissell, Brie Zeltner

The real number of kids likely to be poisoned is staggering, according to an analysis The Kirwan Institute for Race and Ethnicity at Ohio State University recently completed for The Plain Dealer.

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Lead poisoning likely undetected in many

In nearly 70 residential pockets in Cuyahoga County as many as one in three children younger than 6 is likely being poisoned by lead, the analysis found.

Kirwan Senior Researcher David Norris used a model created for and used by the Ohio Department of Health to estimate how many children might be lead poisoned.

Norris cautioned the estimates were conservative because only high-risk areas, identified using census tracts, where 12 percent or more of children are likely exposed to lead were considered. The high-risk status is based on a host of factors, including the age of the homes and previous lead testing results.