Race & Identity Definitions Toolkit for Educators featuring Dr. Melissa Crum


Melissa Crum Headshot

Dr. Melissa Crum is an artist, author, researcher, and founder of Mosaic Education Network, LLC. She leads a consulting company that infuses the arts, research, storytelling and critical thinking into professional development, community building and curriculum development. Dr. Crum works with her team of experts to be engaging and collaborative resources to schools, nonprofits, museums and companies helping them gauge the collective impact of our conscious and unconscious biases to reach diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals.

Her workshops focus on workplace culture development so that your educators, leadership, staff, and board members gain the skills to implement inclusive and equitable practices. She helps you investigate the policies you create and enforce, the workplace and learning culture you support, and the types of relationships you choose to form. You are then able to make direct connections to large systemic patterns in and outside of your industry.

She has facilitated training for hundreds of participants across the United States that creates a non-judgmental refreshingly honest look at our privileges. She has also published various academic articles that detail strategies to help you become informed of and feel secure about using everyday practical applications of DEI strategies to positively impact your work and learning environment. To make this happen she creates a "brave space" where you can ask the tough questions, admit faults and celebrate successes. Her national and international experiences have allowed her to help you make social change from your desk, to your living room and beyond. 

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