Jamaal Bell

By Jamaal Bell, After 600 Aboriginal women and girls go missing or found murdered in Canada the federal government decides to throw-a-bone and give $10 million dollars. In March, the Canadian Minister of Justice budgeted $10 million over two years to address the issue of murdered and missing women in Canada, however, they have yet to figure out how to use the money.
My letter to Senator Sherrod Brown to support the DREAM Act. Many people in Ohio are urging you, Senator Brown, to co-sponsor the DREAM Act. This is your opportunity to stand-up for education and to give undocumented youth an opportunity for an American education and a path to citizenship. To back this law requires courage and based on the interview you gave Race-Talk, courage seems part of your DNA. Well, I hope you show your courage to the people of Ohio.
By Jamaal Bell, Dear Obama Administration, instead of having our Drug Czar focus on addiction recovery and prevention programs, how about changing the policy of our racialized criminal justice system that has used the “War on Drugs” policy to put more Black males in the criminal justice system than slavery in 1850?