This Week at Kirwan – June 26, 2015


Champion of Children Report

Jason Reece, Research Director, has been teaching the “Place Matters” mini-course for practitioners in the College of Public Health. On Wednesday, he was a panelist at the Columbus Metropolitan Club’s release of the 2015 Champion of Children Report Boys of Color, Boys at RiskHe did an exceptional job explaining data from the report and elaborating on the disparities that exist in the life trajectories for young boys and men of color.

Working with the Columbus Police Department

On Monday, Cheryl visited the Columbus Police Department to help construct an implicit bias lesson plan for law enforcement officers. Following that, Kwame and Robin co-facilitated a “Talking About Race” dialogue / presentation for the staff of the Legal Aid Society of Columbus.  The session helped staff members examine the role that structures, policies, and history play in shaping the life experiences of the clients Legal Aid serves.

School Discipline Issue Brief

Kelly (Capatosto) wrote a new policy brief that documents, tracks, and evaluates emerging interventions in K-12 school discipline policy.  This piece follows the changing landscape of school discipline in the U.S. as districts begin to abandon zero-tolerance policies.  We’re interested not just in changes to overall discipline rates, but what that means in terms of racialized discipline disparities.  The report has been posted to the “School Discipline” page on Kirwan‘s website. The direct link to the report can be found here.

Kirwan’s work on the South Side of Columbus

As part of our South Side work, on Monday Kip worked with some of our interns and Habitat for Humanity to faciliate surveys related to housing. Yesterday he spoke to students in Jason Reece’s class about Kirwan‘s work on the South Side and this weekend he will be in Lansing, Michigan for the final statewide conference for the Michigan Race Equity Coalition.

Continuing the Fair-Housing Debate

Kirwan submitted its second manuscript entitled “Neighborhood Opportunity and Location Affordability for Low-Income Renter Families” for publication in Housing Policy Debate. The article looks at expanding metrics looking at housing and transportation costs to include metrics of school quality.