Spring 2022 Virtual Forum Schedule


Our spring series returns on Thursday, February 4, 2022.

All forums are virtual and will be recorded. Recordings will be shared with 5 business days via Kirwan Institute email list. Links to recordings will also be on the corresponding event pages. To RSVP, click here.

Spring 2022 Forum Schedule:

February 3 | 11am-12:15pm

No Struggle, No Progress: Social Justice Organizing in the 21st Century

Hasan Jeffries, PhD | Associate Professor, The Ohio State University

February 17 | 11am-12:15pm

Sacrificing Urban Youth for the Growth Machine: A Case Analysis of the Tension Between Development Policies and Urban Education in Columbus

Jason Reece, PhD | Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University

March 3 | 11am-12:15pm

A Paradigm Shift is Necessary to Eliminate Health Disparities

Karen Patricia Williams, PhD | Nursing Distinguished Professor of Women’s Health, The Ohio State University

March 17 | 11am-12:15pm

Building Equitable and Inclusive Civic Engagement Environments in 

Columbus and Beyond

Jill Clark, PhD, Associate Professor & Kip Holley, Social Research Associate

The Ohio State University

March 31 | 11am-12:15pm

One Year After Atlanta: Understanding the Long History of Racism and Violence Against Asians in the United States

Pranav Jani, PhD | Associate Professor, The Ohio State University

April 14 | 11am-12:15pm

Locked Up and Locked Out: Understanding the Relationship between Incarceration and Eviction

Stephanie Pierce, PhD | Post-Doctoral Researcher, The Ohio State University

April 28 | 11am-12:15pm

The COVID-19 Needs Assessment Project of The Association of Black Psychologists: Mental Health and Other Findings 

Kathy Burlew, PhD | Professor, University of Cincinnati