Request for Proposals | Kirwan Institute Focus on Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Groups in Research


Focus on Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Groups in Research

Pilot Program

Request for Applications for Projects AY 2021-2022


Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity

The Kirwan Institute provides innovative, compelling, and strategic research to both academic audiences and the broader community. The Institute takes an intersectional approach to applied, clinical, and policy research focused on racial inequality to provide informed direction and assistance to social justice advocates, communities, funders, and policy makers. Currently, the Institute is working to consolidate its research focus, with four main initiatives centered on racial inequality in the comprehensive areas of:

• Neighborhood and Wealth Inequality

• Health Equity and Disparities

• Educational Equity and Disparities

• Public Policy

Call for Proposals

The Kirwan Institute is seeking applications for a new research funding opportunity that focuses (1) on underrepresented racial and ethnic groups and (2) who are underserved, disadvantaged, and/or have limited access to essential health, educational, and/or community resources. Applicants may focus on applied, clinical, and/or policy research. These racial and ethnic groups are often underrepresented in research, and historical misconduct has permeated a mistrust of engagement in research. Investigators often face challenges in engaging racial/ethnic minority communities, connecting racial/ethnic minority individuals with essential services, and recruiting and retraining racial/ethnic minority participants in research. The Kirwan Institute is committed to partnering with OSU investigators who seek to conduct ethical, acceptable, and inclusive research with racial/ethnic minority groups aligning with one of the Institute’s four main initiatives and meeting the purpose described above.


Potential applicants are required to connect with at least one of the Institute’s research specialists as a point of contact about the given strategic initiative(s) that their work aligns. The Interim Executive Director, Dr. Beverly Vandiver, and Executive Committee Research Team Members will oversee the implementation of the funded pilot projects. Projects may include prospective active recruitment of participants or utilization of existing secondary/administrative data.

To be eligible for funding, proposal need to address the following based on race/ethnicity:

1. Align with at least one of the four Institute’s research initiatives

2. Focus on at least one underrepresented population

3. Seek to advance methodology, generate data, or address the needs of underserved, disadvantaged, and/or low access populations to essential health, educational, and or/community services

4. Partner with at least one of the Institute’s staff.


Partnership with Kirwan

It is required that submitting PI consult and partner with at least one of the research specialists at the Institute on the strategic initiative. This partnership will involve an ongoing collaboration on the proposal from conception to implementation. Below is a description of the research initiatives and some examples of research Kirwan staff are conducting. Each submission should list a partner who is a staff member of the Kirwan Institute, and detail the consultation prior to submission. This partnership will allow additional OSU investigators to become familiar with and take advantage of the existing resources of the Institute.


Applicant Eligibility

Project Principal Investigators (PIs) must hold PI status and must be a tenure-track, clinical, or research faculty member at OSU. For PI eligibility at OSU see:

Prior to submitting a proposal, all OSU team members must have completed CITI training, Human Subjects Protections, and an eCOI. Interdisciplinary teams of OSU investigators are encouraged to apply from across OSU. Multi-PI status is permitted, but one Unit should be listed as the “primary” submitting entity.


Timeline and Funding Information

The Institute will fund an anticipated five proposals. Investigators may submit for a 12-month or 24-month award period, with the start date following the notice of award and IRB approval. Examples of proposals with a 12-month timeline include those utilizing existing datasets, electronic medical records, or publicly available data. Proposals requesting a 24-month timeline are likely those conducting prospective data collection with human subjects. No-cost extensions will be permitted, and the investigator will forfeit funds not utilized within the funding period.


Budget requests must be justified in a budget narrative and listed in the budget from (Table 1 below). Funds may not exceed $25,000. Student tuition and travel to present research are not allowable costs. Cost-sharing is encouraged but not a requirement for funding.


Applications are to be submitted electronically by 5:00pm on February 8, 2021. Questions related to eligibility or submission should be directed to the contacts listed below. 

Applications are uploaded to Qualtrics, with documents in the order listed below, in a single PDF file here: