Milestone: Annual State of The Science: Implicit Bias Review


The Institute has become increasing mindful of how implicit racial biases shape not only individuals’ cognition and attitudes, but also behaviors. Examining implicit bias research is important for all who work for racial justice.

The Institute’s most visible, impactful and influencial contribution to the field of implicit bias in 2013 was the publication of its State of the Science:  Implicit Bias Review.

Designed as an annual publication, this research review expanded knowledge about the cognitive forces that can unconsciously influence individual behavior and contribute to societal inequities.

The 102-page 2013 edition provided an in-depth summary of implicit racial bias and how it functions.  The publication included three chapters examining how implicit bias operates in the domains of education, criminal justice, and health/health care.

Since its February launch, we have done numerous implicit bias presentations and even its role in light of the Zimmerman verdict in Florida.

Locally, we’ve built a network of implicit bias experts to create collaboratively executed university-wide events and programs to create and foster conversations about implicit bias.