Ending Racial Inequity in Out of School Suspensions


Mapping the Policy Landscape and Equity Impact

At the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, our research and engagement supports the mission of ensuring that all people and communities have the opportunity to succeed. This call to promote opportunities for future success is never more important than within our education systems. As a society, we must look to policies and practices that can support our youngest citizens and support families that are most in need. As a result, we are reminded of our society’s obligation to challenge systemic barriers related to racial inequity and other forms of historic marginalization through more equitable policies. Specifically, we must work to address the dramatic racial disparities evidenced across a variety of educational outcomes—from academic achievement, to school climate, to punitive discipline policies—all of which have been cited as contributing factors which disenfranchise students and increasingly push them into the criminal justice system.

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