Are Ohio's Black and Latino Students Buoyed by a System of Preferences? Not Hardly

By Andrew Grant-Thomas,

The Center for Equal Opportunity (CEO) just released astudy that purports to document “heavy discrimination” against white applicants in undergraduate admissions at the Ohio State University and Miami University. The CEO claims that the schools give varying degrees of preference to students of color, especially African Americans and Latinos, over white applicants with similar test scores and grades.

The CEO report is right in one crucial respect: our state and national education systems harbor terrible inequities that skew sharply along lines of race and ethnicity. But the study authors point an accusatory finger at the wrong place in the educational pipeline and wrongly identify the students who bear the greatest burden of that injustice. In so doing the CEO report is likely to generate heat but shed little light on the critical issue of equal educational opportunity for all Ohio’s children.

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