Preshuslee Thompson

Training and Research Specialist
  • Manages the Implicit Bias Curriculum and training calendar.
  • Develops curriculums and content focused on diversity and inclusion, cultural humility, trauma informed care, and implicit bias.
  • Facilitates professional development training for a number of organizations, including schools, businesses and at the college/university level. 


Preshus earned her degree from Ohio State and joined Kirwan in 2018. Prior to her time at  Kirwan, Preshus worked in the non-profit sector advocating for many marginalized communities including: incarcerated youth and adults, those with mental illness, survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as transient youth and foster youth. 

These experiences have shaped her perspective on structuralized racism and oppression, both in the way that these forces silence communities, as well as the impact that they have on the services and resources provided to these communities. 

Preshus strives to do work that empowers all members of marginalized communities to advocate for themselves and others as well as successfully navigate a system that was not created for their benefit.