Mikyung Baek

Mikyung Headshot
Senior Research Associate
  • Manages and conducts geospatial analyses on a wide variety of race and ethnicity issues, such as education, health, housing, neighborhood conditions, food insecurity, and poverty;
  • Leads and participates in various on-going and new Opportunity Community projects in various geographic areas that the Institute performs;
  • Collaborates with external research partners (academic, non-profits, foundations) to perform research projects on various topics;
  • Collaborates with other staff and manages internally research projects, writing, editing and proofing of research publications and presentations

Mikyung joined the Institute in 2005 as a Research and Technical Associate to perform dual roles of research associate, conducting research and spatial analysis on a variety of race and ethnic issues, and of a technical associate, serving as the departmental network administrator. She later became fully involved in research and currently work as a Senior Research Associate in the Institute's Opportunity Communities program.

Mikyung holds a Ph.D. in Educational Technology and an M.A. in Foreign and Second Language Education, both from The Ohio State University, and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Statistics from Pusan National University, South Korea. Mikyung’s research interests include indicators of opportunity for children and youth and their life experiences, spatial (GIS) analysis of opportunity, food (in)security and health equity, and their relationship with neighborhood conditions. She has been involved in various projects, particularly those related to children and youth. Mikyung is excited by the interdisciplinary and policy-oriented research at Kirwan that goes beyond closed doors and make changes in the world. Mikyung's hobbies include hiking, meditation and pilates.