Kelly Capatosto

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Senior Data and Policy Specialist
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  • Kelly Capatosto’s research interests include:
  • Equitable and Just Big Data Policies
  • Implicit Racial Bias and Decision-Making
  • Closing the Gender Pay Gap through Intersectional Approaches
  • Organizational Barriers to Diversity, Inclusion and Access
  • Education & Youth Development
  • Mental Health and Trauma Informed Care


Kelly Capatosto began her career at the Kirwan Institute in 2014. She is a three-time OSU graduate. Kelly received her Masters of Public Administration at the Glenn College of Public Affairs in 2016. Additionally, Kelly earned a M.A. in school psychology and a B.A. in psychology. During her time at Kirwan, Kelly’s research interests have crossed a variety of sectors and disciplines. She has has applied research on implicit bias to inform equitable policy and decision-making practices in the areas of education, criminal justice, and organizational dynamics. Kelly led the launch of Kirwan’s online Implicit Bias module series, which is a publically available training tailored to K-12 educators, child welfare professionals, and employees of OSU’s Wexner Medical Center. Most recently, Kelly’s research focuses on the equitable and just use of big data and technology.