Dwight "Kip" Holley

Dwight "Kip" Holley
Social Research Associate


  • Conducts research on topics related to the structures at the foundation civic engagement and public participation and how they produce racialized outcomes
  • Shares accumulated knowledge about civic engagement equity with both academic and general audiences through the production of books, articles, and other media
  • Works with community-facing organizations to develop equitable civic engagement strategies and outcomes
  • Works with organizations to evaluate organizational structures using co-developed equity-based indicators
  • Facilitates trainings and workshops related to equitable civic engagement and cultural humility in organization/community interactions


In his 8 years as an associate of Kirwan, Kip has strived to bring a greater understanding of how racial inequity plays a part in creating the environment in which we engage in public decision-making.  Kip has obtained a B.S. in City and Regional Planning and an MSW from The Ohio State University, and this multi-disciplinary background has helped to inform the intersectional lens through which he understands the civic engagement environment.  It is his hope that by gaining a greater understanding of how inequitable civic engagement practices often leads inequitable policies, community members can work together in new ways to develop new, more equitable policies that ensure everyone has an opportunity to succeed.  Outside of work, Kip is an avid creative writer, a frequent traveler, and enjoys woodworking and world cuisine.