Important Things to Consider

After request is submitted, someone from the Creative Team will contact you to confirm request and solidify due dates. As with any request, the earlier it is submitted the better. However, these general guidelines can help you in your timing for submission.

Publication Services

  • Issue briefs and short documents 1-10 pages tend to take 1 week.
  • Longer reports that have charts, graphs, and maps tend to take 2-4 weeks depending on the amount of graphical treatment needed.

Video Projects

  • Will always require a meeting.
  • It is best practice that video services are already included in the client agreement and the scope of video services are clearly defined in client agreement before submission.

Marketing Communication Strategy

  • This is specifically for projects to create a promotional strategy for reports.
  • This request is for planning and creating a document outlining a strategy. If the strategy calls for other creative services such as: publication, email marketing, media relations, etc., those requests must be made individually.
  • It is best practice in the initial phase of your project to submit a marketing communication strategy request so the Creative Team can collaborate with you on a plan for all your creative services needs.

If you have any questions, please email Jamaal Bell at The general context of your question will be saved and uploaded on this page for a future FAQ section.