The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at The Ohio State University is proud to produce and share this award-winning documentary in support of our mission to increase equity for all. Based on the timeliness of the film and its multiple informative aspects, we are excited to offer Free to Ride as an educational tool for local and national communities, schools and universities.

We will permit one-time educational screenings, with the exception of educators who may desire to show the film multiple times as part of a course curriculum over extended period of time.

As an educator seeking to screen Free to Ride, this use is permitted under the following terms:

  • The screening must be non-profit and non-commercial. Charging admission, soliciting  donations, or accepting advertising or commercial sponsorships in connection with the screening is prohibited.
  • Use of  Kirwan Institute or Ohio State logos and branding in any promotion of the screening is prohibited without permission.
  • Duplication of the film, DVD or online streaming, is prohibited.

For more information on screenings or additional Free to Ride resources, please contact Ashley Wilson at