Leveraging the Social Network to End Infant Mortality | Charles Noble | TEDxColumbus

Much of the investment toward the reduction of infant mortality is leveraged via healthcare. The social determinants of health, however, reveal to us the areas, outside of healthcare, in which we can invest to reduce infant mortality. Specifically, by rearticulating social networks to include more diversity, we can immediately begin leveraging this social determinant of … Continue reading »

Jason Reece on a Panel Discussing United Way of Central Ohio’s Champion of Children Report

This year’s Champion of Children Report, initiated by United Way of Central Ohio, examines the lives of Boys of Color in central Ohio. Results of the study was shared at CMC’s forum on June 24 including a summary presented by United Way’s senior vice president, Dawn Tyler Lee. A panel discussion was moderated by Mo … Continue reading »

Charles Noble on TEDxOhioStateUniversity: How Did We Get Here: Race in Retrospect |

In his talk, Charles Noble talks about the indignities black people, including himself, face on a regular basis and how society would look if those were cast away. He uses anecdotes and his experience with “More Than My Brother’s Keeper,” a program which seeks to help underprivileged, black boys of the south side of Columbus … Continue reading »

Jason Reece Talks About Cuyahoga PlaceMatters

A panel discussion on new research, commissioned by Cuyahoga PlaceMatters in partnership with The Kirwin Institute, that highlights the importance of historic real estate policies and their implications for Cuyahoga County’s contemporary development issues, featuring Freddy L. Collier, Jr., Director of City Planning, City of Cleveland; Jason Reece, Director of Research, The Kirwan Institute for … Continue reading »