The Kirwan Institute is known and respected nationally and deeply engaged locally. Staff members value their active citizenship in both The Ohio State University and the Columbus-area communities.  OSU campus programs hosted by the Kirwan Institute draw more than 500 people annually, while Kirwan’s co-sponsored events draw thousands more.  Special activities hosted  by The Kirwan Institute for the campus community include:  Brochure about Kirwan’s work at OSU and in Columbus

Key local work has included:

  • Research to help the United Way and The Columbus Foundation target Columbus neighborhoods for investment
  • Collaboration with a community team in one of these targeted areas – the campus-area Weinland Park neighborhood – to improve residents’ health and living conditions
  • Active involvement in the Columbus Near East Side Redevelopment Partnership, charged with improving conditions within this underserved community
  • Research focused on improving the conditions of Black girls in Franklin County
  • Participation in the International Poverty Solutions Collaborative at Ohio State, a team effort by 80 faculty and staff in 14 different colleges at Ohio State to identify real-world solutions to poverty

Through their frequent speaking, teaching and advisory engagements, Kirwan Institute staff share their knowledge and insights with local leaders, academics, students, social justice advocates and residents. Interns and research fellows have an opportunity to participate in the full range of the Kirwan Institute’s social justice work, on topics ranging from eliminating racially-oriented structural barriers in communities, to working for international justice, and building a better understanding of unintentionally-held “hidden” or implicit racial biases.

“Opportunity Mapping” techniques, originated by Kirwan, are taught in seminars nationally, in classrooms at Ohio State, and through practical internships and research fellowships on-site in Kirwan’s offices.