New Implicit Bias Presentations
The Kirwan Institute continues to grow our offerings in implicit bias training with both the Foundational Implicit Bias Session and the INCASE of Bias Training. You can view footage from these presentations at the links below.
Our trainings offer an engaging, research-based approach to community engagement, bias mitigation, and empowering individuals to proactively address instances of discrimination and bias in real time. The following list is a broad description of our services. However, to make our work as effective as possible, we personally tailor each of our engagements to match the specific goals and considerations of each of our partners.

Understanding and Mitigating Bias

An introductory session on the subject of implicit bias. The session includes information on 1) how our minds operate, the real-world implications of implicit bias, and 3) ways to guard against bias. Recognizing that implicit bias can be a challenging topic, we begin by establishing an understanding with our audience that we are there to have a conversation about how our minds work, not about who is a “good” or “bad” person. This approach to implicit bias is inherent in all components of our trainings.

INCASE Framework

The INCASE Training is a deeper dive into implicit bias and provides a stronger focus on strategies to create a more bias conscious and inclusive cultures.

Both sessions were sponsored by The Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio (COHHIO)