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Opportunity Communities

2017Boys of ColorEducationOpportunity Communities

2017 Champion of Children Report: Strengthening Social Fabric

Download Full Report Download Executive Summary Science is unequivocal, we need each other. Our lives are constellations of relationships: strong and weak; distant or close. We are our happiest selves when we are in relationships that foster mutuality and trust, and are in environments that support thriving. We know the structures and supports needed to … Continue reading »

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2017Opportunity Communities

Weinland Park Collaborative Neighborhood Survey

Download and View Report Weinland Park is not the model of equitable and inclusive neighborhood revitalization that communities should duplicate, but it is an example of what an attempt can look like in the middle American city. Over the past decade, interventions in the Weinland Park neighborhood by government and philanthropic partners, such as The … Continue reading »

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2016Boys of ColorEducationOpportunity Communities

2016 Champion of Children Report: Voices of Latino Boys

Download Report Although many people believe the shift is due to immigration rates, it actually stems fromthe higher fertility rates of Hispanics coupled with lower fertility rates of Whites. Still, how we respond now to the new challenges of racial and ethnic diversity will determine the future social and economic health of central Ohio. This … Continue reading »

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2016Civic EngagementOpportunity Communities

Civic Engagement: A Transformative Guide

Civic engagement is more than just a set of practices; it is also a set of conditions. The civic engagement environment is not only informed by what we practice, but by how we are positioned in our communities. This environment exists in the interconnection of our community and individual lives. How we practice civic engagement … Continue reading »

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2015Civic EngagementFair Credit/Fair HousingOpportunity Communities

Housing in the Hilltop

Download Creating a baseline typology to guide investment (preliminary findings). Through our work with communities for over a decade, Kirwan has come to understand that creating communities of opportunity that support the success of residents depends on a myriad of factors. Stable and affordable housing must be combined with access to decent, stable jobs. Access … Continue reading »

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