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Legal Analysis

2010EmploymentLegal Analysis

Affirmative Action in Ohio: A Resource for Policymakers and Advocates

Download or View The Full Report For too many Americans, the promise of equal opportunity remains elusive. In our country women don’t get hired or promoted in many companies the same way as men, particularly if they took time off to raise their kids. Employers sometimes look differently at older workers than younger ones. Underfunded … Continue reading »

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2009Legal Analysis

Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination: Structural Racism in the United States

Download or View The Full Report As a signatory to the Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), the United States is under an obligation to condemn racial discrimination and pursue a policy of eliminating racial discrimination, in all its forms. The U.S. has not taken seriously the duty under Article 2 of CERD … Continue reading »

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2006EmploymentLegal Analysis

Progressive Politics: The Strategic Importance of Race

Download or View The Full Report Progressives sense the urgent need to develop and support a sustainable progressive movement. They have been losing ground for several years and will continue to do so unless an alternative strategy is developed. There is virtually complete agreement that this task requires a fresh approach and substantial agreement that … Continue reading »

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2006Legal Analysis

Brief of the Caucus for Structural Equity

Download or View The Full Brief The question presented in these appeals is whether the limited use of race-based student assignment plans to preserve integration in Seattle and Jefferson County is consistent with the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The Caucus for Structural Equity believes strongly that the Constitution does not proscribe race-conscious … Continue reading »

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2006Legal AnalysisOpportunity Communities

Remedial Phase Expert Rebuttal Report In Thompson v. HUD

Download or View The Full Report I emphasize six guiding principles in the design of a remedy for HUD’s fair housing violation. First, the remedy must be sensitive to opportunity and to the importance of location in determining access to opportunity. Second, the remedy must be metropolitan–wide to be successful. Third, a race conscious approach … Continue reading »

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