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Anti-Affirmative Action Ballot Initiatives

Download or View The Full Report The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity focuses its research and scholarship on race, ethnicity and social justice. The central goals of the Institute include reframing the way that we talk about, think about and act on race and ethnicity, and deepening understanding of the causes … Continue reading »

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2008EducationEmploymentFair Credit/Fair HousingHealth

Racial Equity Status Report

Download or View The Full Report The following document provides a snapshot of conditions of racial equity and inequity for the United States. The report presents an overview of indicators measuring racial equity among racial and ethnic populations in the areas of family income and assets, community assets, education and learning, food, health and well … Continue reading »

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2006EmploymentLegal Analysis

Progressive Politics: The Strategic Importance of Race

Download or View The Full Report Progressives sense the urgent need to develop and support a sustainable progressive movement. They have been losing ground for several years and will continue to do so unless an alternative strategy is developed. There is virtually complete agreement that this task requires a fresh approach and substantial agreement that … Continue reading »

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2006EmploymentFair Credit/Fair HousingOpportunity Communities

The State of Housing in New Orleans One Year after Katrina: A Plan for Equitable Rebuilding

Download or View The Full Report This report assesses the state of housing in New Orleans one year after Hurricane Katrina. It analyzes housing conditions in the city prior to the storm, progress made since, and areas in which the rebuilding effort has fallen short. In addition, it offers practical recommendations to ensure the reconstruction … Continue reading »

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A Minority Business Development Framework for the Cleveland Foundation

Download or View The Full Report Download or View The Summary Report As we look to a sustainable regional future, the Cleveland region and Cleveland’s African American community face significant challenges. Historically devastating exclusionary and discriminatory policies, combined with current regional dynamics of urban disinvestment and inefficient, fragmented suburban growth have created vast disparities for many … Continue reading »

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