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2014EmploymentFair Credit/Fair HousingOpportunity Communities

Strengthening the Pine Ridge Economy: A Regional Equity and Opportunity Assessment

Download The Pine Ridge reservation sits within a broader regional economic context, whose primary sectors include tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, and retail. The Pine Ridge Reservation and the Rapid City Metropolitan area are interdependent economies that, to date, channel many economic benefits off-reservation. This Equity and Opportunity Assessment identifies key strategies to create greater vibrancy and … Continue reading »

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2014Boys of ColorEmployment

Disparate Impact: Waldon Expert Report

Download In 2008, in response to recent State of Ohio legislation, CPS, for the first time, required all employees, both “licensed” and “non-licensed,”1 to submit to criminal background checks. Based on the results of these background checks, in 2008, CPS ended the employment of nine employees with criminal offenses. Of the nine, one of the … Continue reading »

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2010EmploymentLegal Analysis

Affirmative Action in Ohio: A Resource for Policymakers and Advocates

Download or View The Full Report For too many Americans, the promise of equal opportunity remains elusive. In our country women don’t get hired or promoted in many companies the same way as men, particularly if they took time off to raise their kids. Employers sometimes look differently at older workers than younger ones. Underfunded … Continue reading »

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2010EmploymentFair Credit/Fair Housing

Race-Recovery Index: Is Stimulus Helping Communities in Crisis?

Download or View The Full Report The Race-Recovery Index, a project of the Kirwan Institute, is designed to measure how all people, but particularly marginalized populations, are faring in the midst of the national recovery efforts. The two primary tools for measurement used on a monthly basis are the national unemployment figures by race, and … Continue reading »

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2010EmploymentFair Credit/Fair Housing

Unemployment Insurance, the Recession, and Race

Download or View The Full Report There are significant racial disparities in receipt of unemployment benefits. While national unemployment hovers close to 10 percent, African American and Latino unemployment rates top 15 and 12 percent, respectively. Unfortunately, Blacks and Latinos are also 25 percent less likely than unemployed Whites to receive benefits, due in large … Continue reading »

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