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Civic Engagement

2011Civic EngagementOpportunity Communities

Growing Together for a Sustainable Future: Strategies and Best Practices for Engaging with Disadvantaged Communities on Issues of Sustainable Development and Regional Planning

Download or View The Full Report Sustainable regional development in the United States faces many challenges. Distressed communities, fragmented open space, damaged ecosystems, and climate change are powerful reminders of the unsustainable development patterns and policies which have produced harm to both our society and our planet. Sprawling development and the continual movement of opportunities, … Continue reading »

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2010Civic Engagement

Recommendations for Assuring Robust Civic Engagement & Equity in Detroit’s Shrinking City Planning Effort

Download or View The Full Report Detroit is in the process of considering how to remake itself. After decades of population loss and a declining tax base, there is a serious discussion about if and how to deliberately and strategically shrink the city. This effort is critical to assuring Detroit is a vibrant and healthy … Continue reading »

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2009Civic Engagement

African American – Immigrant Alliance Building

Download or View The Full Report Relations between immigrants and African Americans increasingly draw the attention of policy-makers, researchers, community organizers, and community members alike. Sheer force of numbers accounts for much of this interest. Latinos, many of them immigrants or the children of immigrants, now outnumber African Americans nationally, and many of the nation’s … Continue reading »

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2009Civic Engagement

Building Successful Alliances between African American and Immigrant Groups

Uniting Communities of Color for Shared Success Download or View The Full Report Alliances between African American and immigrant groups—although posing challenges at each stage of development—have ultimately helped position organizations and communities to overcome mistrust and misunderstanding and attract resources for mutual benefit. Alliances provide a platform for the common interests of both groups … Continue reading »

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2008Civic Engagement

Addressing 21st Century Poverty: Transformational Strategies for Talking, Thinking and Acting on Issues of Poverty

Download or View The Full Report The U.S. has experienced a prolonged period of economic insecurity, which is impacting many communities, families, individuals and even our institutions. Poverty is steadily increasing while economic opportunities are on the decline. At the same time, income and wealth inequalities are widening. As these signs of economic instability grow, … Continue reading »

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