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2014HealthOpportunity Communities

2014 Champion of Children Report: Toxic Stress Threatens Success

Download our 2014 report focuses on another set of challenges and opportunities impacting children in Franklin County. Childhood trauma and stress can be corrosive and damaging to childhood development and success for children in poverty. this can mean lives consumed by stress, anxiety and insecurity, passing from one generation to the next.1 While trauma and … Continue reading »

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2014Boys of ColorEmployment

Disparate Impact: Waldon Expert Report

Download In 2008, in response to recent State of Ohio legislation, CPS, for the first time, required all employees, both “licensed” and “non-licensed,”1 to submit to criminal background checks. Based on the results of these background checks, in 2008, CPS ended the employment of nine employees with criminal offenses. Of the nine, one of the … Continue reading »

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2014Implicit Bias

2014 State of Science: Implicit Bias Review

Download With the results in the Zimmerman and Dunn trials, introducing people to Implicit Bias research seems more important than ever. The Kirwan Institute is excited to be able to continue to support the field with this new edition of State of the Science: Implicit Bias Review. Chapter 1 serves as a primer to introduce … Continue reading »

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Health Equity Program 2014

Download Development of the Kirwan Institute’s Health Equity Program The Kirwan Institute is entering its second decade of working to create a just and inclusive society where all people and communities have the opportunity to succeed. Our work has produced critical lessons in bridging research, advocacy and policy change, including connecting with local leadership, building … Continue reading »

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Health Disparities Matter

Download Health disparities are defined as the differences in health outcomes and their determinants between different segments of the population which are defined by social, demographic, environmental, and geo- graphic attributes. Health inequalities, a term that is sometimes used interchangeably with health disparities, refers to a summary measure of population health associated with individual or … Continue reading »

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