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2012Opportunity Communities

Building Communities of Opportunity in the Bay Area: Assessing the “State of Opportunity” in the San Francisco Bay Area

Download or View Report View Interactive Maps The following report assesses the “State of Opportunity” in the San Francisco Bay Area. An Opportunity Mapping analysis was commissioned by The San Francisco Foundation and conducted by The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnicity at The Ohio State University. PolicyLink generously assisted as our … Continue reading »

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Democratic Merit Project: Educational Disparities Causal Map

Download or View Report Understanding educational disparities is inherently challenging. While individual components can be studied and understood, understanding educational disparities as a whole has proven much more challenging. These disparities accumulate over time, involve many interactions including circular causality and feedback mechanisms, and extend from early childhood and elementary education to college completion. Often, … Continue reading »

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Democratic Merit Project: Online Opinion Survey Summary of Findings

Download or View Report1 of 3   The Democratic Merit Project challenges institutions to operationalize “merit” in a way that promotes the conditions necessary for a thriving democracy and to define and use merit as an incentive system to reward those actions that a society values. One principal objective of the project is to link diversity … Continue reading »

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Bring Health Reform Home: Kansas City

Download or View Report The residents of ten zip codes in Kansas City are experiencing a life-threatening failure of the health care system. The people who live in these areas, marginalized communities of color, are dying sooner and suffering more catastrophic illnesses than those who live in more affluent and largely white communities. The study … Continue reading »

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Selective Undergraduate Admissions and the Opportunity Gap

Download or View Report Over the past four years, I have collaborated on two modest “tries” or essays aimed at challenging racial and economic isolation at K‐12 by creating new, and/or supporting existing, educational settings that prepare students to invigorate the liberal communities at our nation’s colleges and universities and the world beyond. These tries … Continue reading »

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