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2011Opportunity Communities

Employment Opportunities and Challenges for Lower-Income Older Adults: Opportunity & Mapping Analysis for Baltimore, MD MSA

Download or View The Full Report The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at The Ohio State University (KI) was approached by Senior Service America, Inc. (SSAI) in light of its agency directives to recruit older adults who are eligible for the SCSEP program (55 and over, total family income less than … Continue reading »

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2011Opportunity Communities

Equity in Early Learning Opportunities: Examining the Roles of Place, Space, and Race

Download or View The Full Report Two recent high-profile Federal policy initiatives–Promise Neighborhoods and Choice Neighborhoods–aim to transform neighborhoods of concentrated poverty into communities of opportunity. Implicit in their policy designs are two well-supported ideas that have emerged from over a decade of research–that improved neighborhood contexts can positively influence child health and development, and … Continue reading »

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2011Civic EngagementOpportunity Communities

Growing Together for a Sustainable Future: Strategies and Best Practices for Engaging with Disadvantaged Communities on Issues of Sustainable Development and Regional Planning

Download or View The Full Report Sustainable regional development in the United States faces many challenges. Distressed communities, fragmented open space, damaged ecosystems, and climate change are powerful reminders of the unsustainable development patterns and policies which have produced harm to both our society and our planet. Sprawling development and the continual movement of opportunities, … Continue reading »

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2011Implicit Bias

Research Domain: Race in the Mind

Download or View The Full Report At the Kirwan Institute, we understand that it is critical to have an analysis about race, ethnicity, and other forms of hierarchy. We also understand that this analysis is not a communications strategy or a framing strategy. It is not enough to say that we must talk about race. … Continue reading »

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A Quick Look at Standardized Testing and Stereotype Threat

Download or View The Full Report “Stereotype threat” is a very complex and nuanced concept. In simple terms, it is an unconscious response to a prevailing negative stereotype about an identifiable group by a member of that group. For example: the statistical fact that African American students generally score lower than White students on standardized … Continue reading »

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