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2010Opportunity Communities

Shining the Light: Revealing Our Choice in the St. Cloud Region

Download or View The Full Report Minnesota as a whole and many of its communities, including the St. Cloud region, are on a path of crisis. This path is marked by targeted disinvestment, restricted opportunity, and isolated communities. For example, the uneven impacts of the recession expose the three outcomes of the path to crisis. … Continue reading »

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School Integration Framing & Messaging: Toward a Transformative Conversation

Download or View The Full Report Despite a mounting body of evidence demonstrating the academic, social, psychological and democratic benefits of educating students in a diverse environment, integration has been a tough sell lately. One of the nation’s most lauded economic integration programs was disbanded in May 2010, and integration has largely been supplanted by … Continue reading »

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2010EmploymentFair Credit/Fair Housing

Race-Recovery Index: Is Stimulus Helping Communities in Crisis?

Download or View The Full Report The Race-Recovery Index, a project of the Kirwan Institute, is designed to measure how all people, but particularly marginalized populations, are faring in the midst of the national recovery efforts. The two primary tools for measurement used on a monthly basis are the national unemployment figures by race, and … Continue reading »

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2010Fair Credit/Fair Housing

Recovering From Crisis: A Review of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program in Florida’s Economic Recovery

Download or View The Full Report The ‘Build a Fair Florida’ campaign has been unfolding over the past year as an effort to ensure that in response to the State and national economic crisis, Florida recognizes the need to build a more equitable and sustainable democratic structure, and that the investments of the American Recovery … Continue reading »

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2010EmploymentFair Credit/Fair Housing

Unemployment Insurance, the Recession, and Race

Download or View The Full Report There are significant racial disparities in receipt of unemployment benefits. While national unemployment hovers close to 10 percent, African American and Latino unemployment rates top 15 and 12 percent, respectively. Unfortunately, Blacks and Latinos are also 25 percent less likely than unemployed Whites to receive benefits, due in large … Continue reading »

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