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2010Opportunity Communities

Opportunity Communities: A Pathway to Sustainable and Livable Communities

Download or View The Full Report Distressed cities, fragmented open space, damaged ecosystems and climate change are vivid and powerful reminders of the unsustainable development patterns and policies which have produced harm to both our society and our planet. Sprawling development and the continual movement of opportunities, investment and people away from our city centers … Continue reading »

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2010Civic Engagement

Recommendations for Assuring Robust Civic Engagement & Equity in Detroit’s Shrinking City Planning Effort

Download or View The Full Report Detroit is in the process of considering how to remake itself. After decades of population loss and a declining tax base, there is a serious discussion about if and how to deliberately and strategically shrink the city. This effort is critical to assuring Detroit is a vibrant and healthy … Continue reading »

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2010Fair Credit/Fair Housing

Where’s The Stimulus? State and Regional Profiles of the Recovery Act Investment in New York State

Download or View The Full Report Unemployment is ravaging many of the low-income communities in New York that have faced long-term public disinvestment, with increasing numbers of working families unable to make ends meet and those without work finding it harder and harder to come by. Since the recession began in December 2007, New York … Continue reading »

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2010EmploymentLegal Analysis

Affirmative Action in Ohio: A Resource for Policymakers and Advocates

Download or View The Full Report For too many Americans, the promise of equal opportunity remains elusive. In our country women don’t get hired or promoted in many companies the same way as men, particularly if they took time off to raise their kids. Employers sometimes look differently at older workers than younger ones. Underfunded … Continue reading »

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2010Fair Credit/Fair Housing

Furthering Fair Housing, the Housing Finance System, and the Government Sponsored Enterprises

Download or View The Full Report The Federal National Mortgage Association, known as Fannie Mae, and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, or Freddie Mac, are secondary market entities chartered by Congress to provide liquidity and stability in the residential mortgage markets.2 These government sponsored enterprises (GSE) purchase homeowner and multifamily mortgage loans from lenders, … Continue reading »

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