Kirwan MLK Film Inspires Local Companies

Columbus CEO

With the help of the Central Ohio Diversity Consortium and the United Way, the Kirwan Institute scheduled initial screenings earlier this year. The film inspired dialogue on racial equality between audience members. Pretty soon, word spread among corporate diversity officers and human resources departments around town. Cardinal Health, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Ashland, Inc., the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the Ohio State University human resources department all reached out to Kirwan to schedule in-house employee screenings.

“The film articulates the struggles of different groups in their pursuit of equal rights,” says Aida Sabo, vice president of diversity and inclusion for Cardinal Health, via email. “We are planning to use this as a learning opportunity in the context of inclusion.”

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The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity was established in 2003 as a center for interdisciplinary research at The Ohio State University. The Kirwan Institute works to create a just and inclusive society where all people and communities have opportunity to succeed.