Brazil’s new racial reality: Insights for the U.S.?

By Cheryl Staats, Research Associate, Brazil has been a long-standing place of interest for many scholars due to its fluid racial categorization that focuses on phenotype rather than hypodescent.  With the release of Brazil’s 2010 census data, the newly-minted[1] “minority-majority” country only further piques the interest of many in the U.S. as our country quickly approaches its own … Continue reading »

Creativity for the count

By Cheryl Staats, Research Associate, As 2009 speeds to a close, the U.S. Census Bureau is gearing up for its constitutionally-mandated decennial count of everyone living in the United States. Although the Census Bureau takes extraordinary care to ensure that all people are counted (even staging dress rehearsals), this remarkably complex task historically results in an … Continue reading »